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H-CUBE Project



General objectives.

H-CUBE project will aim to provide strong basis for monitoring health determinants in this critical field. 
The general objectives of the project will be to identify and disseminate good practices, contents and tools about HBV, HCV and HIV training programmes and prevention campaigns aiming to help Public Administrations and NGOs in Italy, Romania, Greece, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Cyprus, Malta and Lithuania.
The identified good practices will be useful to organise, targeted on local needs, training courses for health care personnel directly involved in case management, including secondary prevention and treatment. Besides, the collected information, after having analysed the situation related to the three diseases at local level in the participating areas, will be spread among parents, and families, to become more aware on HBV, HCV and HIV issues in order to be able to give detailed information to their kids. Finally, the information will be used to organise a targeted prevention campaigns in several meeting venues attended by young people, the population most at risk of infection, as schools, discos, pubs, bars, sport centres, etc in the selected areas of the participating countries.
Thanks to the mapping and analysis of actions implemented in the participating countries it will be possible to develop a multilingual and multimodal digital platform containing all the references about the health/education trainers, the key-actors of each participating country. The mapping of actions will cover the areas of the participating countries involved in the project [Sardinia Region, Milan (Italy), Athens (Greece), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Warsaw (Poland), Budapest (Hungary), Sofia (Bulgaria), Usti nad Labem (Czech Republic), Bucharest (Romania), Lefkosia (Cyprus), Valletta (Malta) and Vilnius (Lithuania) ] targeting young people, aged 15-24, and covering the three diseases, or at least 2, depending on the availability of the data, in the last 5 years. This platform will also provide an e-learning environment for HBV, HCV and HIV education using innovative pedagogical approaches and new online learning and training methods.

Specific objectives
1. Identification of best practices (HBV, HCV and HIV training programmes and prevention campaigns) among countries partner of H-CUBE project in the fight against HBV, HCV and HIV/AIDS aiming to help PA, NGOs and all other actors working in the field of prevention and learning/training.
2. Transfer of the identified good practices in the New European Member States.
3. Creation of a knowledge base (multilingual and multimodal) platform containing all the identified information about HBV, HCV and HIV training programmes and prevention campaigns among the participating countries.
4. Organisation of a prevention campaign in several meeting places (schools, discos, pubs, bars, sport centres etc.) attended by young people.